Graphic Design

This is Mongo’s’re just living in it.

My name is Mike Maiorana and I am a creative professional, which means I draw pretty pictures all day and then at the end of the week I get paid for it. Is this a great country or what?

I work for a company called MOTOR Information Systems, a member of the Hearst Media family of companies. I am responsible for leading their UX strategy to ensure the best products possible for MOTOR customers. I specialize in creating rich, user-centered designs for web and mobile applications for all platforms and form factors. Android, iOS and responsive web design are all in my wheelhouse. I’m also pretty good at logo design, print design and illustration. In my 20+ years as a creative professional, I have worked on projects for companies such as OnStar, Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, and General Motors just to name a few. This site features a small sample of my professional design portfolio. A much more comprehensive collection is available for viewing by request only. Thanks for stopping by!

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