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UX Workshop with Brightpeak Financial

BP Wireframe

The first step to great screen design!

I had the pleasure of traveling to Minneapolis a few weeks ago to facilitate a UX workshop for an insurance company called Brightpeak Financial. They were looking for a company to partner with on the creation of a mobile app to help their customers purchase life insurance. The app is to be built using the Kony MADP, and since my company, Stefanini, is a Kony development partner, we were asked to help with the creation of the UI. We spent 3 days working side-by-side with the Brightpeak folks as we hammered out the details of the app’s form and function. The discussion began with me scribbling my interpretations of the participant’s requirements on a whiteboard. With the help of Brightpeak’s own UI designer, I cleaned these up using Adobe Illustrator and then later created high-fidelity mock-ups in Photoshop. By the time we left Minnesota, Brightpeak had a complete understanding of how the app would flow and function as well as multiple design versions to mull over. We will be following the workshop up with a formal proposal to complete the development of the app using Kony Studio.